Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Difford

I've long held that writing songs is like having children. Sometimes you plan for them, erecting cribs in the spare room before she's even got her jeans unbuttoned. And sometimes you're just too lazy to reach for the bedside table, and events take their own course.

It's been like that for me recently. In the midst of all of the craziness and joy of Toothpick Bridge (see other blogs for further details), I was honoured to take part in another project which is now coming to fruition.

I direct you here...

Chris Difford Official Site

For a boy who never had Christmas growing up... or much of a childhood of which to speak... to be involved in the writing of a Christmas single, to benefit Children in Need., well it's a big deal.

I'd very much like to thank Tom Houston, Kevin Malpass and Chris Difford - marvellous chaps, all of them - for having me along for the ride. And to everyone else that has worked so hard to make this happen.

As Mr. Difford exhorts, watch The One Show on BBC1 from 1st December.

Let's Not Fight This Christmas.

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