Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Week....

Thank God, it's Thursday. I never thought I'd type those words. Historically, for me, Thursdays occupy a hitherto unsuspected circle of hell, one from which Dante's eyes were shielded, less he vomit up his own feet. What is the POINT of Thursdays? Thursdays are just Wednesdays REALLY taking the proverbial. Fact.

This week, however, I am simply glad of every day that passes. Because I have a big weekend ahead of me. Quite possibly, a very big month.

You may have heard me mention the Chris Difford and the Decorations extravaganza (which along with Mr. D, Kevin Malpass and Tom Houston, I am hugely proud to have co-written) "Let's Not Fight This Christmas" being launched on The One Show, and featuring its fine coterie of presenters. Well, it takes its first televised bow tomorrow on BBC1, sometime between 7 and 7:30. Incredibly exciting.

The next day, you can hear Mr. Difford speak on that subject and others on Radio 2, with Danny Baker and Zoe Ball, at approximately 11 of the AM.

Later that night, if you wend your way to Leicester - The Donkey on Welford Road to be precise - you can join ist for our annual istmas blow-out. With our very special guests The Swinging Laurels Horns and support from the fine M48, we're going to make a brilliant noise... just for you.

I missed Thanksgiving due to having been in the wrong bloody country in October (I'm Canadian, before someone says Duh, November.) but I'm feeling very thankful to a lot of people personally and professionally at the moment. They each deserve an entry of their own... between the new ist album and the Christmas single, I don't think I've ever felt more excited or more indebted in my life.

For the moment, I'll start by thanking The Daily Dust, who have taken up a campaign on behalf of the little Christmas song that could. I'll be popping in with daily updates from the Christmas trail over there, and no doubt wibbling about a great many things. Thanks to them and everyone else who has offered their time and support. Let's Not Fight This Christmas (except with X-Factor. Who decided they were allowed to sing Leonard Cohen songs? As both a Canadian AND a human being I'm outraged).

The Daily Dust

Bring... as they say... it on.


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