Friday, May 29, 2009

A Quite Extravagant News Update

I have been, once again, remiss in my duties as host here at ist Towers. No blogs, no mass messaging sprees, no nude photographs of myself holding a less than strategically-placed mandolin, no utterly random short stories, no over-the-top cries from the heart about the state of the world, the music industry, or even YOU (you bastard!).

I've been silent. Suspiciously silent. This is, you'll be happy to hear, that I and my fellow istian soldiers have been busy cooking a veritable feast of oddness and goodness for you over the next couple of months.

The biggest and most important news is the imminent official, worldwide release of Toothpick Bridge - finally - on August 17th, 2009 - preceded by its first single, "Pep Talk" on August 10th.

It's taken sometime to put the pieces together for the full release, and we apologise for the delay. Rest assured, we're very proud of the album and we hope you enjoy it as much as it nearly killed us to make it and get it released.

Those of you who have heard the album already... please feel free to ramp up your hyperbole machines and tell your friends.

We're joined in this pursuit by the fine folks at Lander PR and Joanna Burns PR, and we'd like to thank them in their advance for all their hard work in helping to get this album heard. They're good people and we're in good hands.

We hope to be out and amongst you in late summer to support the release as much as humanly possible.

In the meantime, there is more stuff both ist and ist-related to which you may look forward. Various members of the band will be appearing on albums by other artists, whether as players, co-writers or members of the production team. And there's a bonus ist (with special guest) project in the works as well, which I damn well wish we could tell you about now, because it is quite incredibly cool. But no jinxing.

There are also radio series and films in the works, musical theatre appearances and, of course, music, music and more music. And, Flash is still trying to fill the world with drummers. is your portal to find out more about that. (Although I'm sure James Bond will be along in the moment to stop him. The dastardly swine.)

We intend to be very busy boys. But never too busy for you lot.

So, let the circus recommence. I'll bring the clowns, you bring the utter lack of morality or inhibition.

: )


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