Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh, How He Updates You...

Well, here I am sitting amongst sheaves of paper, many crumpled, others torn - some even containing words with which I am, for the moment, pleased.

There's a lot of coffee in my veins, a slight ache in my muscles as I try to revive my mistreated body so that I may once again take the stage for more than ten minutes at a time without copping it in a Tommy Cooper stylee, and a twitch on my face which has developed over the last couple of years since the smoking ban came in and I have to go outside to smoke.

I am incredibly aware of time at the moment. There are a grand total of 16 days left until "Pep Talk", the first single from the new ist album "Toothpick Bridge" is released. Which means 23 days until the album itself will be released.

Part of me is incredibly relieved. As many of you know, it's been a marathon few years writing, recording and releasing this record. And now, finally, it'll be out there for all the world to see, hear, smell and comment on. Hurrah!

On the other hand, IT'S GOING TO BE OUT THERE! Our demanding new child will be out of our hands and living its own life. I hope it doesn't turn to crime. Lawks! Oh Lordy lordy!

Here's a couple of places, you can preview the single:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And the first of the places where you can pre-order the album. More to come, as we get closer to release date, including places to pre-order the CD version.


Obviously, the key to having you all help us out with this release is for you to actually know what's going on. So keep checking and all other points ist.

We have, as we've mentioned, some excellent people working with us on this release, the immense talents of Joanna Burns PR and Lander PR are currently working to arrange a raft of press and radio support for the single and album, and I want to extend huge thanks to everyone in the offices for their sterling work so far and to come.

The faith shown in us by them and so many others (another shout-out to all the people who worked on the record, to the friends and family who made it possible, to the songwriting community led by a certain Mr. Cd who have made me realise we're never alone in trying to write real songs, and to everyone who has and will put their mouths and money where their hearts are to get the word out) while writing, making and promoting the album has made a very frustrating experience bearable and, indeed, rewarding.

But, for all the help we've received and receiving, it's always going to be down to you, you brilliant people who have stuck with us for so long. Sometimes, I've been rubbish at keeping in touch... something I hope to rectify. So thank you too for all your hard work to come... for your purchases, your live whooping and dancing, and your frankly evangelical approach to bringing others onboard the ist bus. There's a party at the back.

As always, we're always at our Facebook and MySpace pages to converse with, insult and generally proposition. I'm also at Twitter, wibbling away, if you like that sort of thing.



Kenton on Twitter

Please do pop by and say hello. And if you want to help us over the next few weeks, volunteers are now being taken.

Taken roughly.




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